Jan 20 2009

Live-blogging CNN’s coverage of the inauguration

From my twitter timeline:

Feeling a bit guilty for ditching my volunteer radio gig in favor of being home in time to watch the inauguration. But only a bit.

Made it home in time for the inauguration despite a late train…let the festivities begin! (It's not too early for a gin & tonic, is it?)

G&T in hand, TV sound running through the stereo speakers, all set 4 for the oath! Looks like a beautiful day in DC.

Bold color choice for Michelle. Kind of a sea green. LOVE IT. Hollywood is seriously in the house, too.

Revising my call on the color of Michelle's dress. Dr. Darling thinks it's "baby spew yellow." (But I still love it.)

Less than an hour until our 8-year national nightmare is over! Handel's Hallelujah Chorus has started playing in my head!

Jimmy Carter looks positively spry compared to George Bush Sr. The Clintons look competent and gracious as usual.

Will be interesting to see the crowd reaction to the introduction of Dubya. I predict cheers of unadulterated relief.
Angelic Obama daughters taking their seats now. Can't even imagine what this is like for them.
First Lady of Soul is about to get some proper company. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden soon to be seated. They both look stunning.
Malia Obama is a serious shutterbug. How do I subscribe to *her* Flickr photostream?!
Last "Hail to the Chief" for Dubya. It'll be so nice to not cringe the next time I hear it.
The crowd is just staggering. I'm so glad they have sunshine. And here comes Barack!
The chanting has begun. Obama is without a topcoat. Do I see the outline of kevlar vest under his suit jacket? Hope it's insulated.
Rick Warren says we're "all united in our commitment to freedom and justice for all*. (*except for "the gays").
Aretha's mike is too hot. Somebody elbow the sound guy.
Sorry, but Rev. Homophobe's prayer did not even approach the humility and inclusiveness of Bishop Robinson's prayer on Sunday.
Jill Biden must have some serious guns to be holding that hulking bible horizontal like that!
CNN says Barack is now our president since it's past noon. My heart feels lighter already, and he hasn't even taken the oath yet!
On my feet in my livingroom in Sweden!
Tweeters can't seem to decide if the verbal stumble during the oath was due to Roberts' or Obama's nervousness. I vote Roberts.
Oh snap! The first post up on the "new" whitehouse.gov website. » link to ping.fm
Friggin' FANTASTIC speech! He surely made his oldest daughter proud!
Closing prayer is kicking the opening prayer's evangelical butt. Sayin' AMEN from Sweden!
CNN scroll: "President Obama's farewell to Mr. Bush." SO SWEET!!!
President Obama (LOVE typing that!) just signed the papers appointing his cabinet. How did I manage to miss that he's a lefty?
Had mostly dry eyes all day until the Obamas got out of the limo and walked up Pennsylvania Ave. What an incredible moment for my country.

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