Feb 15 2009

A Valentine’s Day to sneeze at…

For those curious about whether or not the Hallmark Holiday that is Valentine’s Day is celebrated by Swedes, the answer is yes.

The exception, of course, being my particular Swede.  And not due to the natural Swedish resistance to adopting the traditions of other cultures, but because Dr. Darling happens to be the most non-romantic person on the planet.

In Vikingland it’s called Alla Hjärtans Dag (Day of All Hearts) and unlike every other holiday in Sweden, it’s celebrated on the actual day rather than the night before. This probably explains why we managed to go out for a nice Italian dinner on “Valentine’s Eve” (which also happened to be Friday the 13th).

At any rate, by Valentine’s Day the cold Dr. Darling has been resisting all week finally won the battle. I didn’t think it was possible, but the aforementioned most non-romantic person on the planet is even less so when blowing snot.

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