Feb 20 2009

71% of Americans want Bush investigated

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The groundswell of public support for investigating the Bush Administration for likely potential criminal misuse of the U.S. Justice Department is growing every day. Here’s hoping it soon reaches the point where the Obama Administration can’t ignore it any longer.

Granted, Barack has a ton on his plate at the moment and I can understand why going after Dubya and his thugs may not be a top priority right now. But I’m seriously queasy over how lukewarm our new president has been on this particular subject, especially since it now officially fits his personal mantra of “bi-partisanship.”

As News for Real’s Stephen Pizzo points out recently in an article reposted to Alternet:

“71 percent is a pretty startling number, even for those of us who’ve been arguing for investigations for some time now. After all, Obama didn’t get 71% of the vote, which means that a lot of folks who voted for McCain also want equal justice applied equally.”

Welcome to the reality-based party, people! It’s about time y’all showed up.

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