Mar 01 2009

Something to think about

From change.org:

If We’re a Nation of Cowards on Race, What are We on Sexual Orientation?

From the article:

"Just look back on this past week.  In Colorado you had an elected politician compare

SAN DIEGO, CA - NOVEMBER 5:  An American flag ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

homosexuality to murder; you had the Catholic Church in New Mexico denounce efforts to allow gay and lesbian couples could share the same health benefits; you had 2,000 people show up in Hawaii to protest civil unions and the “sin” of homosexuality; you had a Utah politician say that gays and lesbians were the greatest threat to America; and you had someone beaten in a Seattle neighborhood simply for being gay (not to mention the arrest of someone for the murder of a gay immigrant in New York, and the conviction of a man found guilty of murdering a gay man in Florida two years ago).

All of that combined doesn’t describe a nation of cowards.  It describes a nation of malice.


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