Mar 03 2009

Do NOT question me on matters of ice cream

I’m  happy to report that after spending the weekend on the BRAT diet, Dr. Darling’s digestive system has *finally* started to behave itself again.

And while I did not purposefully go out of my way to torture the poorly Swede, my Supportive Spouse Routine did NOT include limiting myself to Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast for two days, either.

Rather, I took the opportunity to eat some things that are normally reserved for when she of the un-adventurous palate is out-of-town…which prompted the following conversation when I shared a bite of what was *technically forbidden* frozen dairy deliciousness.

Dr. Darling: Mmmmmmm. What kind of ice cream is that?

Shazz: The Carte D’or version of Butter Pecan.

Dr. Darling: Is that the flavor I never let you buy?

Shazz: Yep. Feeling pretty stupid now, huh?

Dr. Darling: I concede that I may have to rethink that position.

Shazz: Damn straight.




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