Mar 09 2009

First Lady sets example, America misses the point

I was going to post this fantastic picture of Michelle Obama working in a Washington DC soup kitchen on Saturday, but thought it might qualify as “Obama Overload” given that I had posted her official White House Portrait just a week before.

But today I read that there’s been some backlash in the conservative blogosphere over the Getty Image that was widely used with the accompanying news story about the event. That picture showed a free-lunch recipient using a cellphone to snap a picture of the First Lady. (I would have done the exact same thing.)

Why was this controversial you ask?  Because according to some people, homeless people have no business owning cellphones.

In the words of my brother’s dead-on impersonation of Jason Priestley’s Beverly Hills 90210 character Brendan Walsh: “You just don’t get it, Bren!”


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