Mar 25 2009

If it’s Easter, it must be Iceland!

Iceland Seljalandsfoss

Easter is a really big holiday in most of the Scandinavian countries. Good Friday and the Monday following Easter Sunday are paid holidays in both Sweden and Denmark, and the Danes actually get Maundy Thursday off, too.

This means that by my taking a single vacation day on the Thursday before Easter, Dr. Darling and I can string together a five-day weekend, which is enough time to get away as long a we don’t go too far.  Fortunately, living in Europe means there are lots of interested places within striking distance.

Our first choice was Greece, but after investigating all the options for island-hopping I knew 5 days would not be nearly enough.

Once sand, surf and sun were off the table, we decided to go in the complete opposite direction: Iceland. It’s long been on both our travel wish lists, and current economic conditions have suddenly converted one of Europe’s most expensive tourist destinations into an affordable weekend getaway. Besides that, Dr. Darling theorizes we’ll have little chance of being disappointed if we don’t get decent spring weather since, well, you know, it’s ICELAND.

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