Apr 01 2009

Dinner at Downing Street

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So the Obamas arrived in London yesterday, and like lots of American ex-pats, I’m following their first European trip with great interest. (Plus it’s also the first time since moving to Sweden that I have not felt compelled to don a big floppy hat and dark glasses while the U.S. President is travelling abroad.)

There are a bazillian news sources for information about their itinerary, the G20 and NATO meetings, etc., but so far the most interesting bits of info have come via my twitter friends feed, where Jamie Oliver has been sharing tidbits on the dinner he’s preparing for the G20 Leaders at the Prime Minister’s residence tonight.

Check out the menu:

Baked Scottish Salmon with Seashore Vegetables, Broad Beans, Herb Garden Salad, Mayonnaise and Wild Garlic-scented Irish Soda bread

• Vegetarian option is Childwickbury Goat’s Cheese with Roast Shallots, Seashore Vegetables, Herb Green Salad and Wild Garlic-scented Irish Soda Bread (no mayo)

Slow-Roasted Shoulder of Welsh Lamb, very first of the season Jersey Royals, first of the season Asparagus and Wild St George Mushrooms. Mint Sauce and Gravy

• Vegetarian option is Lovage & Potato Dumplings with first of the season Asparagus and Wild St George Mushrooms

Hot Bakewell Tart with Home-made Custard

It almost makes British cuisine sound…dare I say it…delicious?!

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