Apr 12 2009

Whale-watching, not so much.

We’ve been extraordinarily lucky with the weather on this trip considering it’s mid-April in Iceland. I just wish that luck had carried over to our whale-watching trip today. We saw a lot of dolphins at the beginning of the cruise, but nothing after that. And the sea got so rough mid-way that we had to retreat from our prime spot on the bow of the boat to the cafe in the main cabin, so even if there had been whales nearby we wouldn’t have seen them anyway.

I guess the tour on Saturday had been even more of a bust, so there were a lot of extra people onboard taking advantage of the “guarantee” to see at least some form of sea life. I can appreciate the company making that kind of offer, but it made conditions on the boat very crowded…especially when the sea got rougher and everyone wanted to be inside.

And yes, sea-sickness bags were passed around freely. Dr. Darling and I had been offered some motion-sickness pills by the tour office and we were so glad we took them, even though it felt kind of reckless to pop unmarked pills that were handed to us by a total stranger. Of course had they been laced with anything hallucinogenic, we probably would have seen LOTS of whales!

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