Apr 18 2009

Entry drought brought to you by my “real job”

No, I haven’t run afoul of my company’s internet policy (though I do admit to pushing the envelope whenever possible). I got home from Iceland on Monday night only to be whisked off on a three-day departmental retreat/client visit Tuesday morning…via a flight that left so early that I might as well have just stayed overnight at Kastrup (Copenhagen’s airport).

I rarely travel for work, so it was kind of ironic that the ONLY business trip on my calendar for the entire year all but overlapped with my Easter vacation. This made Friday my first day in the office in over a week, and I essentially spent it playing Catch-up on Crap. Then I spent most of today playing Catch-up on Sleep, and tomorrow I’m moving on to a big game of Catch-up on Laundry. Do I know how to live or what?!

And in the time I’ve been away, spring truly appears to have sprung all over Southern Sweden, and with it came a bunch of pollen that neither my sinuses nor my prosthetic eye like very much. I predict lots of “pirate days” next week.

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