Apr 19 2009

Some random observations of Iceland

I did do a bit of blogging during our recent Iceland trip, but there are a couple of things I haven’t had time to share yet. First off, the country’s current economic crisis makes it really affordable at the moment, so if you’ve ever had the inclination to see it, now’s the time to go. (The nature alone is worth the trip: photos here.)

But be advised that the prices will freak you out anyway because it takes a lot of Icelandic kronur to buy anything even in good times. As of today, $1 US  = 8.4 SEK = 128 ISK, which means a couple of wood-fire oven pizzas washed down with beer will result in a bill for 6,000 arriving at your table. Fortunately Dr. Darling is a lot better at math than I am and was able to calculate the conversion quickly enough to keep me from choking on my own backwash.

Other items of note:

*The top speed limit anywhere seems to be 90 kph (55 mph). This fine if you’re inside the Reykjavik city limit (or any other populated area…good luck finding one), but seems ridiculously slow on deserted roads in the middle of nowhere…which make up the vast majority of the country’s highway system.

*There’s a big grocery store chain called “Bonus” and its logo is a very rotund cartoon pig, which is probably meant to be ironic and must surely discourage people from over-eating. I know if I had to look at that pig every time I bought groceries, my shopping habits would be a lot different.

*Finally, Reykjavik is an overtly gay-friendly city, with many merchants actually advertising that fact with rainbow flag stickers placed right next to the logos of the credit cards accepted at their establishments. The company that took us non-whale watching makes special note on their website of their openly lesbian marketing executive, whose full name and contact information is listed.

Imagine having an employer that not only PUBLICLY acknowledges your value to the operation, but also helps to hook you up on a Saturday night!


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