Apr 30 2009

Dr. Darling, single malt Swede

My Favorite Alpha Geek asked us to bring a very specific bottle of single malt whisky back from our trip to Edinburgh last spring. I thought very little about it at the time. It was a simple request from a good friend and we were glad to oblige.

Naturally he invited us to try a glass when we delivered it (Laphroaig Cask Strength), and while I found it singularly revolting, Dr. Darling seemed to like it okay. Turns out that the Alpha Geek is something of the whisky connoisseur and is delighted to share his knowledge and love of this particular type of spirit. Over Christmas he “schooled” my brother into a drunken holiday stupor on more than one occasion, but that’s another story.

The Alpha Geek has since introduced Dr. Darling to a couple of other single malts, and at some point, my previously Captain Morgan-loving Swede went from enjoying an occasional glass with him to adding four different whiskys to our own liquor cabinet (including one blended variety that’s supposedly “vastly inferior” and therefore reserved for guests?!).

I suppose I should have seen this coming based on the titles of the library books scattered around The Penthouse-Nordic lately, not to mention the number of conversations starting with, “I was reading on a whisky forum the other day…” Seriously, from what I’ve been able to gather, single malt whisky fans are something of a cult.

Which doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see Dr. Darling taking up a hobby, particularly one with a social element to it.  But damn, it’s an expensive one! Especially here in Sweden. I now understand why the Alpha Geek always asks us to buy him a bottle of Laphroaig when we’re abroad. It also explains why the only items we brought back from our Easter trip to Iceland were two bottles of whisky and a refrigerator magnet.





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