May 16 2009

My iPhone envy is approaching critical mass

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Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows I’m an unapologetic Apple Fanboi in spite of my anatomy. As such, I’ve been lusting after a Jesus Phone dating back to when it was merely a rumor that the Cult of Steve was developing a mobile internet device that just happened to make phone calls.

But first geography (had to wait for it to arrive in Sweden), then exclusive-provider contracts that basically suck, combined with the guaranteed disapproving looks of a spend-thrift Swede, have all conspired to keep my from buying one. Plus there’s the matter of my already owning a perfectly functional Sony Ericsson P1i that’s less than 18 months old and takes remarkably good photos, besides.

And then about a month ago, my friend Nicole, who can reasonably be called a cell phone slut for changing mobiles with the seasons, decided she HAD TO HAVE an iPhone. This after playing around with a friend’s for a couple if hours one night, but even more maddening from my point of view, after mocking my Mac fandom for years.

Shortly after this, I found myself stranded in a classroom with no internet access for three days…and as great as the P1i is for e-mail and texting, surfing the web on it (even with a mobile browser like Opera) is a pretty torturous experience.

The last straw may have occurred earlier this week, when my brother-in-law casually mentioned to Dr. Darling that his wife was getting one, and asked for advice on installing and using iTunes on a PC. Gah!!!

So I’m now eyeing the rumors that Apple will be coming out with a new version of the iPhone this summer with renewed resolve that I can survive the laser gaze of a certain Swede when I finally get my hands on one.



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