May 17 2009

2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Twitter-style

I "tweeted" the Eurovision Song Contest last night. For those of you who couldn't (or wouldn't if your life depended on it) follow my musings in real time, here's a recap:

T-minus 20 minutes and counting until the Eurovision Schlong Contest! (schlock + song = schlong)

Eurovision 2009 is underway. I'm having Gin & Tonic and Salt & Vinegar crisps in tribute to Terry Wogan, whose commentary will be missed.

@racesail In Sweden there are 2 EuroVision camps: one sees it as an excuse to party, & one takes it too seriously. Both are entertaining!

3 ballads in a row have put Moscow to sleep. Sweden's opera diva should wake them up, but the mixing is off.

Portugal's light show makes it look like a rainbow threw up on the set. 

Trying to limiting myself to one gin & tonic per 10 songs (it makes the show better), but I'm gonna have to slow the hell down.

Iceland's entry was a hottie!

Song No. 10 and time for another drink! Since it's Russia's entry, I probably should be having vodka, but I'm sticking w/ G&T.

The outfits haven't been that outrageous this year. It's almost like Russia's dour rep has infected everyone.

Malta has a song and a voice. Best ballad of the evening so far, and there have been A LOT of them.

Estonia's entry was rocking some strings, and I have a thing for strings. Am I the only one who thinks the broadcast audio levels are funky?

Turkey sure isn't afraid to show a little skin. But could she wear that outfit on the streets of Istanbul?

Germany's tin foil trousers are making my teeth hurt.

Turkey sure isn't afraid to show a little skin. But could she wear that outfit on the streets of Istanbul?

Norway is really sucking up to the host country with those dancers. Then again, they are almost neighbors.

Gee, the UK certainly brought out the big composer guns. Oh Andrew Lloyd Webber, what happened to your career?

Eminem and three hot harmonizing chicks are representing Finland?

I didn't know Joey Heatherton had moved to Spain.

RT @trendybot Malta is now trending on Twitter! » link to Malta – Twitter Search [Great sign for my favorite entry!]

Lot's of power ballads to choose from this year, but Malta was definitely the standout.

I think Finland is going to do well. High-energy tune, hot chicks singing harmony, and torch-twirling.

Cover of "Cool Hand Luke [Blu-ray]"Cover of Cool Hand Luke [Blu-ray]

And the while-we-wait-for-votes entertainment is a transparent slip 'n slide suspended from the ceiling?

Not that it was erotic or anything, but I'm having flashbacks to the car washing scene in Cool Hand Luke.

Either I've built up a tolerance to Gin & Tonic, or this competition is a bigger buzz kill than I thought.

Wow! 5 countries have voted so far and the UK is still in it!

And the woman who *should* have represented Sweden is delivering the Swedish vote. Sing it Sarah Dawn Finer!

Okay, I'm not getting the Norway thing. His eyebrows scared me, along with most small children and domestic animals.

Should have apologized to my new followers earlier. I'm not normally so prolific…but I do tend to tweet #eurovision.

Looks like Norway is going to run away w/ the Eurovision title. If next year's show is in Oslo, I may be able to tweet it live.

I take back my previous tweet. There's no way I could ever watch this show sober.

Watch out…here come the eyebrows for the winner's performance. At least Iceland came in a distant 2nd.

Okay Twitterverse…time for me to hit the sack. Hopefully tonight's #eurovision play-by-play hasn't offended too many.


At the gym working off last night's #eurovision debauchery. Hopefully no one will notice I'm sweating tonic water.


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