May 21 2009

Lego grows up

Our 5-year-old nephew was given a Coast Guard Helicopter w/Life Raft Lego set for his birthday earlier this year, and while the box indicated the age range was 5-12, it did not mention that your pre-teen would need a Ph.D to assemble it.

This is especially true if the multiple plastic bags that divide up the pieces needed for specific elements of the set get opened all at once by said nephew and his 7-year-old cousin, and are then mixed together…all 445 of them.

Fortunately for these two little guys (not to mention my brother-in-law), Dr. Darling actually does have a Ph.D, albiet in molecular medicine rather than construction engineering. And when the boys became bored and/or frustrated with the colorful pile of tiny pieces of plastic, the methodical Swede stepped in and managed to assemble both the chopper and the surprisingly complex life raft in under two hours. (I put on all the stickers.)

Which is why I’d really love to get a hold of this for Dr. D’s birthday next month:

Or better yet, this:

Though I can’t quite decide if Frank Lloyd Wright would be pleased or mortified.


Images via Boing Boing: FLW Lego: The Guggenheim and Falling Water

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