Jun 13 2009

Myers-Briggs soothes the savage Swede

Dr. Darling came across the Myers-Briggs personality test this weekend and, having never heard of it before,  decided to take the online version to see what career field best suited her.  You know, in case the junk mail delivery by bike thing doesn’t work out.

Not surprisingly, the results came up INTJ and pointed to “Scientist” as the top field for persons of that personality type. This was something of a disappointment since her Ph.D in molecular medicine has proven to be even less than useless over the last couple years.

Adding insult to injury was the discovery of an official online forum for INTJ’s touting itself as a hangout for “masterminds, innovators, villains and virgins.”

On the plus side, she did learn that the ideal partner for an INTJ is an ENFP, and guess what I happen to be?  BIGTIME.

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