Jul 14 2009

The G33K in me is giddy over this…

I was a tad too young to have much more than a general awareness of NASA's Apollo 11 mission when it actually happened, but thanks to the website www.WeChooseTheMoon.org, I'll be able to follow every geeky detail of the historic event later this week!


According to the Engadget blog, the site will be fully operational on Thursday morning (July 16), 90 minutes before the "launch." Visitors will be able to follow the entire journey to the moon in real-time 40 years after the fact, including multi-media, animated recreations of real events and actual audio transmissions between the astronauts and NASA flight controllers.

In other words, I'll be able to see and experience a hell of a lot more of the mission than I ever would have had I been paying attention to the media coverage in 1969. Ain't the interwebs grand?!

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