Jul 21 2009

What the hell is that smell?

So last night I'm sitting on the couch with my MacBook in my lap, and I suddenly get a whiff of something I can't identify. It smelled faintly like something was burning, but different. The fan had not come on inside the laptop, so I was fairly sure it wasn't coming from there. And then the smell disappeared as quickly as it had turned up.

But several minutes later, I smelled it again. This time I actually lifted the MacBook to my face and sniffed the keyboard, prompting Dr. Darling to give me the "When the hell are you doing?" look I know so well.

"Something smells funny…like it's running hot, maybe. But it's not my machine…is it yours?"

A quick check of the iBook the Swede was surfing on confirmed it wasn't the source of the smell either. So I got up and and started sniffing around the flat-screen TV. Nothing there. Was it coming from outside? I stepped out on the balcony…nope. Weird. By the time I sat back down on the couch I couldn't smell it anymore.

But a few minutes later…there it was again! Now it's driving me crazy that I can't identify the source. It's clearly close by, but where? I put down the laptop and start rifling through the assorted clutter of electronic gadgetry on the coffee table in front of me. What the hell was causing it?! There's no way I was going to be able to go to bed without some assurance that our livingroom wasn't going to burst into flames during the night.

And then I came across Dr. Darling's now empty whisky glass. Evidently it was a Bruichladdich Peat night, one of the "smokiest" single malts in the Swede's growing collection.

And here I thought this new hobby was merely expensive. Gaaaahhhhh!

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