Jul 23 2009

Mandela exhibit at Malmöhus Castle

It was startling to see this posted outside the building even though we knew it was part of the Nelson Mandela exhibition currently on at the castle's museum.
There were other examples of apartheid-era rules scattered around the facility. Inside the castle courtyard there was a green park bench marked EUROPEANS ONLY in big white block letters. And of course I *had* to take a picture of Dr. Darling sitting on it.
This post is actually an experiment to see if I can use my Utterli account to beam entries directly into ShazzerSpeak while we're on our annual (attempt at) cycling vacation next month.  On previous excursions I've sent mobile entries from Utterli to Tumblr, which were then pulled into ShazzerSpeak by Blog-City's "mirroring feature". But that mysteriously stopped working for me a couple of weeks ago and I have yet to hear anything back on my help request…which is highly unusual for them.
The upcoming trip is also one of the reasons I'm so obsessed with getting my new iPhone on July 31 (the first day it's available in Sweden). Having not owned one before, I want to have a bit of time to learn my way around it and get it set up to do everything I want it do to (i.e. replace my MacBook) while we're on-the-road. Crap, I gotta lotta tech stuff to take of in the next month.

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