Aug 09 2009

Preparing for vacation is hard work!

We spent the bulk of this weekend starting to get organized for our upcoming cycling vacation in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. This will be our first tour in a couple of years courtesy last summer's complete and total wash-out, so we're just a little excited about it. Especially Dr. Darling, who is never happier than when futzing around with our extensive collection of outdoor equipment.

But before we could start hauling out the gear, we had to give The Penthouse-Nordic a good scrubbing because 1) it was due and B) my father-in-law and his wife will be staying here one night while we're away. They are flying out of Copenhagen Airport for their own vacation at a very early hour, which necessitates them coming down from Falkenburg the night before. In true Swedish fashion, they don't want to pay for a hotel room…which would be fine and dandy if we were going to be here but is kind of a pain-in-the-ass since we are not. Between having to make sure the place is "company clean" before we leave (which is quite a bit different than just "regular clean") and then coordinating the whole key issue, I think it would be simpler and far less stressful to just pay for a hotel room for them. Unfortunately my own spendthrift Swede did not take me seriously when I suggested this.

At least the weather was supposed to be right for the job…forecasters were calling for cloudy skies and rain all weekend. But as is often the case, the meteorologists were wrong and so we cleaned when we would have far preferred going for a swim. As usual, Dr. Darling handled most of the "heavy lifting"…largely because I have a hard time meeting her exacting standards. (I can't help it that I'm just too short to scrub the bathroom ceiling.) Plus, I meant it when said I'd pay for a hotel room.

Today it was the usual Sunday routine, which means an early laundry time (7:00 a.m.), grocery shopping and errands. So for all my wink, wink, nudge, nudge about being "busy" on One World Orgasm Day, the honest truth is that we were just too wiped out to celebrate it, if you get my meaning….something I was still lamenting about as I headed off to the gym (between laundry and grocery shopping) this morning.

Which is why I was kind of surprised when I got home and Dr. Darling, who'd opted out of the gym run, said I didn't need to fret over it anymore. My jaw dropped. I mean, I knew there were no rules against going solo, but that wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

"I can't believe you celebrated One World Orgasm Day without me," I whined.

To which the Swede responded:

"It couldn't be helped, Honey…I packed the tent!"

Who says scientists don't have a sense of humor?


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