Aug 12 2009

And the packing is underway!

This is why we cleaned the apartment last weekend…so that Dr. Darling can spread our gear out all over the livingroom.

In the meantime, I'm dealing with usual chaos-before-taking-vacation scenario at work, and trying to get our electronics situation sorted out at home. The intention is for the new iPhone to take the place of my MacBook for chronicalling our upcoming biking adventure, and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to get content into my blogs. (This entry is part of the testing process.)

But an even bigger issue is the fact that my new mobile network provider has dropped the ball on getting my old number transferred to the iPhone. I sent the necessary paperwork a week ago Monday, supposedly in plenty of time to get the number ported before we leave for Norway. I called today to check on the status, and the request hadn't even been logged into their system yet. Gaaaaah!!!

Now it appears the number will get transferred while we are on the road (literally), which means I have to haul 2 phones on the trip…a real pain-in-the-@$$. But even more worrisome to me is the possibility that there's a further screw-up and we end up in the Norwegian wilderness with no functioning phone at all. (Dr. Darling's pay-as-you-go sim card is not set up to work abroad.)

But hey, plenty of safe and successful bike tours took place before the advent of cell phones. Besides that, I think the Swede would be secretly delighted to be completely "off the grid" for 10 days. Too bad it would DRIVE ME CRAZY.

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