Aug 16 2009

And the journey begins…

I’m tapping this entry out from the lower berth of our tiny cabin on the “Crown of Scandinavia.” We’re on the first leg of the trip that will take us to the Lofoten Islands in Norway for a much-anticipated 10-day cycling tour. The ship has free wifi, but only on the deck directly above us, so I’m going to have to walk upstairs to post this…which is how I scammed my way into the lower bunk. ;^)The Swede has already crashed, no doubt exhasted from her usual stress-out before departure…which was only exacerbated by my significantly more relaxed demeanor. I mean, we’re on vacation for crying outloud! This is supposed to be fun, not high anxiety.

It wasn’t until we were on the train and headed for Copenhagen this afternoon that I finally felt safe teasing her about it.

“Isn’t it nice,” I said, “how we balace each other out? I mean, you’re freaking out and I’m cool as a cucumber…and still everything is going to plan.”

“You’re relaxed because you know you can rely on me,” was the response.

“Is that your problem? That you feel like you have to look after me?”


“Well you don’t. How about next time we each take care of our own stuff? We’ll book our own transport and plan our own routes…and just meet up at a mutually agreed upon campsite each evening.”

“But then I’ll be worried that you’ll never show up.”

“Yeah, well that’s only because I’m at the hotel spa just down the road.”


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