Aug 19 2009

Riding the Lofoten Islands, AKA The Chasing the Sun Tour

First off, this place is STUNNING. Any photograph you’ve seen does not do it justice…even under the cloud we’ve been trying to outrun for two days. Dr. Darling has already shot over 100 photos…there is literally something spectacularly scenic around every turn.


The weather, on the other hand, has been a bit dicey. We got rained last night, multiple times, so packing up the tent was not fun. It felt as though a singular rain cloud followed us all day today. We could often see blue skies and sun everywhere but directly over our heads. We’ve got clear skies at the moment, however, and the tent is already up and hopefully drying out a bit in the evening sunshine.


The ride has been a bit hilly-er than advertised…but the scenery certainly makes up for it. We’ve cycled though a number of tunnels and over several bridges…all of which required a bit of extra concentration on my part. In fact, riding in general takes a little more focus when you’ve only got vision on one side. My confidence is better today than it was yesterday and will probably continue to improve, but it’s definitely different.

Tonight’s campground has a cafe with wireless Internet in it…but otherwise access to the net has been minimal. I’ve had cell phone coverage most of the time, but no data coverage, which is kind of frustrating since I don’t much need to make phone calls. I can text, however…so my Twitter timeline has been fairly active: http://twitter.com/shazzer

More when I can!

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