Sep 01 2009

Home safe, still swamped

Here's an entry that should have been posted a couple days ago…but I just haven't been able to get my act together to do it.

We arrived home late Sunday morning following a surprisingly restful night on the Oslo-Copenhagen Ferry, promptly trashed our company-ready apartment by spreading slightly damp camping gear all over it, and then both went back to chaotic workplaces the very next day.

Seriously,  more than 48-hours later the bikes are still parked in the livingroom, the sleeping bags are serving as loveseat covers and Dr. Darling has draped the tent over a row of chairs from the diningroom table. But, hey, the laundry got done…so that's something!

At any rate, I still several stories to tell from our trip and MANY more pictures to share (I took 200 on my iPhone, the Swede took nearly 700 on the digital SLR), but it's going to take a little time to get things organized. (And no, I will NOT be posting every photo.)

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