Sep 03 2009

We have no business being together

Recently one of our “classic” cable TV networks began airing nightly episodes of possibly my all-time favorite series from the late 80’s – early 90’s, LA Law.

LA Law

LA Law (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And since there’s virtually nothing else to watch until the new fall season gets underway (which seems to happen later and later every year), Dr. Darling has offered very little protest when I flip the channel over. It’s been a serious trip down Memory Lane for me, and especially fun to see some of early episodes for the first time in what, 20 years maybe? (OUCH.)

So other night we’re watching the episode where Deputy District Attorney Grace Van Owen (played by Susan Dey) arrives at the home of McKenzie Brachman attorney Michael Kuzak (played by Harry Hamlin ) with a red balloon. She explains to her new love interest how she needs to “lighten up” and have more fun, and as she does this he takes the knot out of the base of the balloon, inhales the helium, and responds to her in a circus voice. As the credits rolled, I looked over and saw the Swede grinning.

“Have you ever done that?” I asked.

Dr. Darling‘s head shakes in the negative.

“I don’t how it works, but it’s really funny,” I continued.

“Helium is lighter and less dense than air, so the vocal cords vibrate more quickly,” the Swede replied.

“So you’re telling me that you’ve never inhaled helium from a balloon, and yet you can explain the physics of why it makes people sound like a cartoon?”


“Could you be any more of a nerd?”


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