Oct 13 2009

Questioning my Swede-cred…

I’ve been living in Sweden for over seven years now and until recently, considered myself to be pretty well integrated into society. I’ve learned the language, cracked the cultural code of the workplace (not to mention the apartment building laundry room), happily paid the high taxes that provide a realistic social safety net, navigated the healthcare system and embraced all forms of public transportation. I’ve actually been a Swedish citizen since 2005 and have even voted in both national and European elections in the last few years.

If there’s an element of Sweden that I haven’t gotten fully onboard with, it’s the electronic media. Swedish commercial radio is barely listenable and most of its domestically produced “entertainment” shows on TV are blatant rip-offs of British or American programs that are then badly done.

The web is a different animal, however. The Swedes do the internet REALLY well and this country is seriously wired up. But I still find reading Swedish to be a bit too much work to dedicate a lot of surfing time to it…which is probably why I didn’t even notice when the country’s piece of the worldwide web went down for almost an hour on last night.

Evidently a bad script introduced during a routine update of the .se domain zone resulted in every website on the country’s official domain extension going dark. What caused the script to be corrupt? The lack of a single period (.)

Which just goes to show that the importance of punctuation should never be underestimated.

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