Oct 19 2009

What a warm welcome …

After much drama courtesy of the Super Secret System for securing holiday vacation time that apparently even Dr. Darling‘s boss has no knowledge of (more on that later), we were finally able to book our Christmas trip to the US tonight.

This marks the first time the Swede has made a US trip with me since Thanksgiving of 2006, so we’d not yet had the pleasure of using the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Here are the first three questions every foreign national is required to answer before entering the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave:

A) Do you have a communicable disease; physical or mental disorder; or are you a drug abuser or addict?

B) Have you ever been arrested or convicted for an offense or crime involving moral turpitude or a violation related to a controlled substance; or have been arrested or convicted for two or more offenses for which the aggregate sentence to confinement was five years or more; or have been a controlled substance trafficker; or are you seeking entry to engage in criminal or immoral activities?

C) Have you ever been or are you now involved in espionage or sabotage; or in terrorist activities; or genocide; or between 1933 and 1945 were you involved, in any way, in persecutions associated with Nazi Germany or its allies?

I was slightly shocked and somewhat offended on Dr. Darling‘s behalf, until she noted that this was merely an electronic version of the paper document that previously was filled out on the plane prior to arrival. As a US citizen, I’d never been presented with this form … and was probably too busy trying to calculate the value of all the coffee and chocolate we were carrying to read it over the Swede’s shoulder.

No wonder we lost the 2016 Olympics.


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