Nov 01 2009

More phone fun

Our plan to torment my father-in-law by rotating unfamiliar male voices for the outgoing message on our oddly-behaving answering machine fell apart late last week when it stopped working altogether, prompting Scandinavia''s most diligently informed consumer to begin researching its replacement.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Darling discovered we could get a decent cordless phone/answering machine combo for not much more than the price of the answering machine alone. And since we were still using an tethered-to-the-wall phone in The Batcave, it made sense to go that route. 

We ended up with this fancy Philips model, which appeals to the Swede's minimalist design sense. (Interpret that any way you want.)

The phone has a gazillion features that we'll probably never use, but the answering machine is simpler to operate than the old one. Each one of the buttons actually has an easily recognizable purpose!

It also has an optional generic automated outgoing message…but this one is a female voice rather than male, and we're trying to decide if this will drive Dr. Darling's Dad more or less crazy than the previous one.

Better yet, the outgoing message can be switched between 5 different languages; Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. So even if my father-in-law finally figures it out, it ought to throw the telemarketers off our scent for awhile.

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