Nov 03 2009

The L Word revisited

I seem to have crossed some kind of magic threshold on “the Google” recently, because in spite of the fact that October of 2009 was one of my laziest blogging months EVAH (12 entries total, only half of which were original material), ShazzerSpeak miraculously managed to accumulate the 2nd highest monthly hit count in its (almost) five-year history.

There were so many hits in October (69,066 to be exact) that I actually had to buy more bandwidth to keep the blog from going dark the last few days of the month. But folks certainly weren’t coming by because of a constant flow of fresh new material. Rather, they were landing here because of a couple of very old entries that just won’t die…specifically, a cheeky piece I wrote back in May of 2005 about the Showtime series The L Word.

Remarkably, this entry comes up ranked #6 if you search the phrase The Real L Word on Google, so lots of fans of the show (of which I am one BTW) find it. But based on the comments it continues to inspire, I’m not sure they actually “get it”. (Although the folks at Showtime certainly did. Their marketing team even thanked me for blogging about the show by sending me the complete series 4 on DVD.)

But the entry I wrote over four years ago as a good-natured jab at one character’s hideous haircut (the woman who is supposed to be a much-in-demand stylist for crying out loud!) has recently turned into a snipe-fest about butch vs. femme stereotypes, with the most recent commenter suggesting that the only lesbians I know must be “fat, ugly trailer-trash dykes” who have “nothing better to do with their lives than hang out in a bar drinking beer and playing pool.”

Of course the very fit Swedish PhD with long blonde hair and impressive collection of imported single malt whiskys who has been my partner for the last 8 years might beg to differ.

(P.S. She also looks HOT in the black ribbed L Word tank that Showtime sent along with the DVDs.)


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