Nov 06 2009

Sucks to be us sometimes

It’s been a rather tough week at The Penthouse Nordic. It started off with a scary medical test (the bi-annual liver scan for possible spread of the cancer that claimed my right eye two years ago…we’re still awaiting final results) and that *should* have been enough to deal with, don’t you think?

But on Wednesday evening, Dr. Darling met me at Malmö’s Central Station (which is somewhat unusual…she normally passes through there much earlier than I do) and said, “It looks like you’ll be getting your Ph.D housewife back pretty soon.”


Turns out her company, Bring CityMail, will be closing down operations in Copenhagen on January 1. Management of the Norwegian-owned operation blames the current economic crisis and Danish trade law that subjects its delivery services to 25% VAT, a tax its only competitor, Post Denmark, does not have to pay. That law is actually slated to change sometime in 2011, but not soon enough to help the 440 people who will get to start 2010 unemployed.

Needless to say, Dr. Darling is dreading the job search…a task that pretty much sucked the life out of her the last time she did it. The job market for research scientists in Scandinavia was non-existent *before* the global economy tanked, which is how someone with a doctorate in molecular medicine ended up delivering mail by bicycle in the first place.

Ironically, Dr. Darling had already enrolled in a couple of university distance courses for the spring term, geographic information systems and operational efficiency, two interests she developed while working for Bring CityMail. Turns out she has something of a flair for logistics and figures a little *more* education won’t make her any less employable than the Ph.D already has.

At least now she won’t have any excuse not to ace them.


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