Dec 08 2009

With ghost writers like these…

Evidently Slate magazine held a "Write Like Sarah Palin" contest last month to commemorate the release of "Going Rogue."

It asked readers to create a sentence of 150 words or less that could be mistaken for one from her book, and suggested that participants aspire to what might be called "the high Palin style: multiple references to local flora and fauna, heavy use of PSAT vocabulary, slightly defensive tone, difficult-to-parse meaning."

Oh how I wish I had known about it in time to enter.

Below is my favorite entry (though amazingly, not the winner):

"The minute I was on that stage in Florida with all those lights in my eyes and the smell of Alaska still on my fingertips and my family, too, all around out there, I was where I dreamed of all those years on the basketball court and in Alaskas's God given beauty which we must cherish and use as God gave it us to use and in honor of the troops, also."

—Kaylyn Munro

The Top 12 entries (of the more than 700 they received) can be read here. I highly recommend that you not be drinking anything when perusing them.


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