Dec 17 2009

Some rules know no boundaries

After two fabulous but somewhat exhausting days in Chicago, we have now made our way south to Lafayette. This was the first time we've ever done an intentional lay-over in the Windy City and I must say that a luxurious hotel room bed with 80-gazillion thread-count sheets does take some of the sting out of jet-lagging.

This was also the first time I went through the "Visitor" queue at O'Hare immigration processing rather than the much shorter and faster U.S Citizen line, a decision I do not plan to repeat. Let's just say the Department of Homeland Security would probably make a better impression if they were just honest and called it the "We Assume You're a Criminal" queue.

Normally, I would zip through the Citizen line so that I can collect our bags while the Swede gets finger-printed, photographed and given the 3rd degree about why she wants to enter the United States, but since we weren't catching a connecting flight and didn't have anyone waiting to pick us up, there was no hurry to do that.

Good thing, too…because we once we wound our way through the 7-layer maze that actually put us in a position to be directed to one of a half-dozen processing desks, the universal law that says *which ever line Shazzer is in will slow to an absolute stand-still* kicked-in, and we stood, and stood and stood until…I kid you not…there was no one left in the maze behind us from the international flight that had landed AFTER ours.  Ironically, they ended up sending us both down to the US Citizen processing lines, which were standing empty at that point.

On the upside, by the time we cleared immigration, our bags were waiting for us.

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