Jan 06 2010

Fun with flying, post-underwear bomber

O'Hare Airport's International Terminal.

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Given that mid-north Indiana’s weather had been so wackily unpredictable for the previous two weeks, we chose to take an earlier shuttle than normal up to Chicago O’Hare, arriving at international Terminal 5 a full five hours before our red-eye flight to Copenhagen departed.

Word to the wise: O’Hare’s Terminal 5 is probably the most BORING airline terminal in the world and you do NOT want to spend five hours there, unless you have scads of money to blow in it’s ONE bar. Seriously, the cheapest beer was $6.50.

The security procedure to get to the gate was no different from our previous trips through O’Hare.  I did get patted down even though I hadn’t set the metal detector off, but thanks to Dr. Darling‘s “Hands-Off at Your Mother’s House” policy, I didn’t mind too much. (It was the most action I’d had in three weeks.)

Our flight was close to 40% kids…many of whom were well under the age of four, which is a special kind of hell.  When there are that many infants onboard, there’s just no way that all of them will be comfortable and sleeping at the same time. Fortunately a couple of Tylenol PMs chased with a gin & tonic dulled my senses enough to allow me to sleep a little bit despite the din.

One noticeable change from the flight over on December 15; the “preparation for descent” video instructed us that the restrooms would be locked once the captain turned on the fasten seatbelt sign for approach. I always thought it was kind of an unwritten rule that you did not use the toilet once the fasten seatbelt sign was on, but now thanks to the underwear bomber, it’s apparently official on SAS flights.

But that was the only change.  We were allowed to have items in our laps right up until landing…which was quite different than what the US media was reporting for international flights inbound to the US. (All passengers belted into their seats with no access to the toilets or items in their carry-on luggage for the final hour of the flight.)

I sure hope things calm down and those rules are rescinded before I fly to the US next time…because that last hour of the trip is going to totally SUCK.

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