Jan 31 2010

I’m such a bad blogger!

Or at least I have been during January, and consequently, ALL of 2010.

In my defense…it’s been kind of a crazy month. I was in the US getting some much-needed face-time with family and friends until the 6th, and then did my usual week of jet-lagging with the added bonus of a weekend bout of stomach flu mixed in.

Work has been even crazier than usual because of the aforementioned US visit. (Three weeks away from the office appears to mean that I have three times as much work to do when I get back.) And then there’s the little matter of my New Year’s Resolution to spend less time in front of my MacBook in the presence of Dr. Darling, which I’ve been trying hard to keep.



This is why ShazzerSpeak readers have been getting a steady diet of entertaining but not necessarily original content of late…though for those interested, my Twitter timeline and Posterous tumblelog have continued to be very active since I can update them from my iPhone (which technically keeps me “legal” in terms of the New Year’s Resolution. )

But two topics that I really must address based on numerous Facebook and Twitter inquiries are: 1. What did I think of President Obama’s State of the Union Address? and B) Will I buy an Apple iPad?

The answer to the first question is: pretty darn good. It felt as though the guy I voted for showed up for the first time in months and I was really glad to see him.  Let’s hope for the country’s sake that he hangs around for awhile.

As for Apple’s latest product…the answer is: Not any time soon. From what I’ve read so far, the unfortunately-named iPad doesn’t do anything more conveniently or efficiently than my MacBook or my iPhone 3GS, so there’s no way I can justify shelling out 500 bucks (the US price on the cheapest model) for one.

In fact, I suspect the Cult of Steve is planning to sell its new tablet to folks who do not already own one (but especially not BOTH) of those devices…which despite the popularity of the iPhone is still a pretty decent-sized market. So I’ll wait until it can run more than one program at a time and has at least one camera…at which point I may consider starting the campaign that will be necessary to convince Dr. Darling I should have one.

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