Feb 01 2010

“Coffee, tea or me?”

One of my other not-widely-publicized New Year’s Resolutions was to cut back on my coffee consumption. I realize this borders on sacrilege for a naturalized Swede, but after spending three weeks in the US drinking the equivalent of hot water that had been stirred with a brown crayon, it seemed like a good time to give it a shot.

My resolve was further boosted by a bad bout of stomach flu the weekend after we got home. Since coffee is one of the rougher beverages on the belly, it was pretty easy to avoid it completely while I was recovering.

I’ve since resumed having a cup of joe in the morning (I live in Sweden for crying outloud…it’s practically compulsory!)…but only ONE…and I’ve switched to tea for fika on weekday afternoons. Real black tea…not the herbal, fruity stuff…because I’ve always liked black tea (it appeals to my inner Anglophile) and let’s be realistic, I still NEED the caffeine.

But I’ve also discovered a really nice side benefit to drinking tea at work…the ritual of making a cup forces me to take a real break…it gets me up from my desk and away from my computer screen forĀ  good 10 minutes, whereas walking down to the cafeteria to grab a cup of coffee may take only two or three. Given the pace and intensity at work lately, this is a really good thing. (And of course I would be completely remiss as a Cult of Steve member if I didn’t also mention that “There’s an app for that.”)

So now I’m rediscovering my love of black tea and have been pointed to all kinds of tea resources by like-minded folks with whom I interact IRL and online…including this tech/design blog showing off some of the latest concepts in tea packaging. There are some very clever things here, like these;

tea packaging

Although I have to admit I was a bit put off by the tea packaged as cigarettes, which you just drop into your mug to steep.

tea as cigarettes


Oh, and in case anybody’s wondering…I did not make any unpublicized New Year’s Resolutions related to my gin consumption.

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