Feb 03 2010

One of these things is not like the others

Dr. Darling and I are starting to talk about potential Easter trips. It’s a four day weekend here in Sweden, making it ideal for a quick jaunt to pretty much any place in Europe. 

Last year we went to Iceland, which was really spectacular but a tad bit chilly in April, so I was thinking that maybe we’d try someplace south this time. And since we’re in Scandinavia, almost everywhere is south of us. (Well, except for Iceland).

Our only criteria besides mild temperatures is that it be someplace we’ve never visited together before. So I gave my favorite Swedish researcher a suggested list of potential destinations to investigate, including (but not limited to) Spain, the south of France, or pretty much anywhere in Italy.

So imagine my surprise when Dr. Darling started talking up Düsseldorf.

Shazzer (incredulous): “Düsseldorf? Are you serious?”

Dr. Darling (semi-sincerely): “We’ve never been there before.”

Shazzer: True, but it doesn’t exactly have the same caché as Barcelona or Marseille or Naples. How in the world did you ever come up with Düsseldorf?

Dr. Darling: The flights are really cheap.

Shazzer: And I think there might be a reason for that.

Dr. Darling: It could be fun.

Shazzer: And you could be a little less Swedish.

Dr. Darling: Hey, we’ve got to finance your gin habit.

Shazzer: Good point.

So now we’re thinking about London.

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