Feb 17 2010

Olympic Culture Clash

We’re less than a week in and I’m already bored with the Vancouver Winter Games. Or more specifically, I’m bored with the Swedish TV coverage of the Vancouver Winter Games … which quite reasonably focuses on the events in which Swedish athletes are competitive.

The problem is that Swedes are good at the really boring sports. This means we’re seeing tons of coverage of the snooze-fest that is cross-country skiing, as well as it’s marginally more interesting cousin, the biathalon (it has guns). And then there’s the curling. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE CURLING.

And it doesn’t help matters that Dr. Darling is really into ALL of it. I may have blubbed my way through the Parade of Nations during the Opening Ceremonies, but the Swede has been glued to the TV every night this week. Tonight she actually had the women’s curling match with Switzerland streaming on our free netbook while she watching yet another cross-country skiing event (how many are there?!) on the flat-screen. And yes, I mixed my 1st gin & tonic shortly after this multi-media extravaganza began.

Fortunately the monotony was interrupted briefly for the women’s downhill, a very exciting event that was even more dramatic than usual due to several ABC Sports “agony of defeat”-style wipe-outs. (Thankfully no-one appeared to be seriously hurt.)  And I didn’t even gloat when an American skier won it.

Well, not much anyway.

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