Feb 21 2010

Swinging solo weekend, NOT

Mother Nature continues to subject southern Sweden to a special kind of winter wrath (what the hell did we do to her, anyway?!), which would be fine with me if I didn't have to rely on public transportation to go anywhere outside of this city.

I've had so many bad experiences with delayed/cancelled trains during my commute to and from work over the last two months that I can barely bring myself to board one on a weekend…especially if the weather forecast is dicey. That was the case on Saturday when we were preparing to head for Halmstad for the big family dinner celebrating our nephew's 6th birthday.

The original plan called for Dr. Darling and I to go up together early in the afternoon, with me returning this morning and the Swede heading back sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. But the forecast was calling for heavy snow in Halmstad on Saturday night. Getting up there wasn't likely to be a problem, but getting back on Sunday certainly could be.

I had walked all the way to the train station with the Swede before the flashbacks of my 6.5 hour nightmare journey home from work at the end of January overwhelmed me. The possibility of getting stuck somewhere between here an there (by myself) on the journey back just wasn't worth the risk.

So I bailed on the trip (at the very last minute), which resulted in me having apartment all to myself for the weekend, something I would normally consider to be a treat. But I was bummed about missing the party and frustrated with the weather, and because it was both unplanned and unexpected, I was uninspired and bored for a good deal of the time. Only dinner with the Alpha Geek, his wife, and our Goddaughter on Saturday night prevented the weekend from being a total washout.

I hope Dr. Darling decides to come home tomorrow instead of Tuesday.

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