Mar 06 2010

London calling

Despite the Swede's campaign for Dusseldorf (which Dr. Darling maintains was a joke, but I'm not so sure), we now have Easter travel plans that do not include anything Germanic, unless you count the British Royal Family.

We're headed to London, where we can indulge our respective alcohol preferences (gin for me, single malt whisky for Dr. D), as well as take in a little culture (the Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery), do a little shopping, and hit an Easter service where the music is guaranteed to be inspiring (Westminster Abbey). I'm really excited to be returning to what is pretty much my favorite city in the world. I spent part of my university studies there (a LOT of years ago) and I met Dr. Darling there (not quite as many years ago), and we've been back to visit regularly since then.

Our last London adventure was in November of 2008, so we're due. And that trip, known as The Big London Theater Weekend, was more of a "hit-and-run" than an actual visit. We were literally in the city for a grand total of about 36 hours (I don't know what we were thinking), during which time we saw two shows, met up with two different sets of friend for meals, and attended an Armistice Day service at St. Paul's Cathedral.

This time we'll have the better part of five days, so I'm anticipating a much more relaxed trip. But damn is it ever pricey to stay there. We splashed out for a 4-star hotel on the Big London Theater Weekend since we were only there for one night. (Seriously, what the hell were we thinking?!) But such luxury is not really an option for four nights, at least not if we want to eat, too.

After several days of research I finally found a reasonably Bed & Breakfast hotel that met my most critical criteria: centrally located, breakfast included, and complimentary wireless internet. Because if mobile data charges are anything like they were in Norway and the US, the only time I'm going to be able to use my iPhone will be when I have a wifi connection. Ouch!

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