Mar 17 2010

St. Patrick obviously didn’t drive the snakes into Sweden

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, but you wouldn’t know it in Sweden.

Not that I expect my adopted country to observe *all* the holidays of my homeland, but this one seems tailor-made for a culture that even manages to convert the holiest of religious holidays into an excuse to party.

So why hasn’t St. Paddy’s Day…the ultimate American drinking holiday after New Year’s…caught on with the Swedes?  Probably because they haven’t figured out how to move it to the nearest available Friday, thus producing a long weekend over which they can recover from the hangover.

But for those of you who are celebrating, here by way of BuzzFeed, is an Awkward Office St. Patrick’s Day Bingo card you use to keep yourself entertained until it’s time to leave work early for a green beer.

St. Patrick's Day Office Bingo Card

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