Mar 19 2010

Creating my own technical difficulties

I am a self-admitted social media junkie. The ever-evolving technology and the ways people and organizations are using it really fascinate me, and I love to test-drive new services.

I was an early adopter of Twitter and use it daily to share links, info and interests with like-minded people around the world. And Facebook is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of allowing me to engage with extended family and friends in the US. These two services are the backbone of my social media network, especially since I (finally) have an iPhone that allows me to actually interact with them away from a computer rather than just update my status.

Initially my online social media activities did not overlap much with my real-time life. Very few of my US friends and family (Facebook) were using Twitter and even fewer of my Tweeple (Twitter followers) were on my FB Friends list.  But that's really changed over the last year or so, not because my FB Friends are suddenly flocking to Twitter (I love my family, but to say that most of them are "technologically challenged" is being kind), but rather that a number of my Twitter followers have become real-time friends. Which is a really cool thing.

But it has caused me to have to think a little more carefully about what kind of information I share with which network. It used to be simple: potentially embarrassing stuff does not get posted to Facebook where my Mom might read it, details that could be helpful to stalkers or other unsavories do not get posted to Twitter.

Then last week Dr. Darling and I were invited to an out-of-town birthday party as surprise guests for the birthday boy, one of my Tweeple who, along with his fiance, has become a real-time life friend and is therefore connected to me on both networks. They relocated from up near Gothenburg to Skåne over the holidays and this was going to be the first big party in their new place.  We were delighted to be invited, and I was SO careful not to say anything about our plans on either Twitter or Facebook as the trip approached. Until the day before the party when I forgot that the location-based game I've been playing with some local pals (Gowalla) was setup to push my activities to Facebook. OOPS. I was ratted out by a third-party application!

Fortunately both he and his fiance eventually forgave me for ruining the surprise, but not without dishing out some good-natured (and well-deserved) grief for my screw-up. So naturally I plan to surprise them BOTH the next time we visit by showing up unannounced and naked.

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