Mar 28 2010

“Spring forward” SUX!

"Do you want to know what time it is, or what time your body thinks it is?"

These are my now-standard first words to Dr. Darling the morning after all of Scandinavia goes on Daylight Savings Time, which Swedes…with remarkable little sense of sense of irony…call "summertime."

And I know it's only an hour, but why does the time-shift have to happen in the middle of the night?  I'd much prefer that the switch occur at say, 11:00 a.m., because then it would just be a matter of having an early lunch ad we'd be back on track.

Instead we lose an hour of sleep get to spend the day feeling like we're hung-over without having had the fun buzz that usually precipitates that particular condition. Gaaaaahhhh!!!

And don't try to tell me how much I'm going to love the extra evening daylight because I live in southern Sweden, where we are slowly but unavoidably heading toward 20+ hours of visible daylight by mid-June. And that REALLY screws with my sleep-cycle.

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