Mar 30 2010

Hey, that’s my move!

Very early on in my relationship with Dr. Darling, while in the midst of, shall we say, a rather enthusiastic embrace, I playfully wrapped my right leg around her, too. It made her laugh, so I have continued to do it every once in awhile…usually when we're standing in the kitchen for some reason. And while I never thought of it as particularly original, I'd never seen anybody else do it either.

So last weekend, while walking home from the gym, I was really surprised to round a corner and see a couple across the street in EXACTLY this kind of clinch. I couldn't help but take a long look as I walked past, which is how I found out a few seconds later that they were both men.

The Swede was a couple meters ahead of me at the time so I wasn't sure she'd even seen them. But when I caught up a little further down the street, it was clear that she had.

"Can you believe that?" I asked, knowing Dr. Darling to be militantly anti-PDA .

"I know. It's really unusual to see two men so open in public like that."

"Well, I don't think I would even have noticed them if it hadn't been for the leg thing," I countered.

"That's what got my attention, too. But I didn't want to stare. What if they'd looked over here? I'd have been so embarrassed."

"I'd have just given them a big 'thumbs up' followed by a 'Dude! You totally stole my move!'"

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