May 12 2010

Dr. Darling, Photoshop artist

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I've been encouraging the Swede to take advantage of the extra free time that being unemployed affords to spend some time on her hobbies, one of which is digital photography.

Well, she starts a new job on Monday, and there's nothing like a deadline to get those creative juices flowing!

Behold the photo collage of images from last year's Iceland trip, set against one of the coffee tables in our living room. The book used behind the waterfall image is my Bible. I didn't think Dr. Darling, an avowed atheist, even knew where it was!

When I asked her why she used that particular book, she said she liked the texture of the the leather cover, and then reminded me how the Icelanders all flew their flags at half-staff on Good Friday (we were there over Easter weekend). Make that a clever atheist.

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