May 28 2010

There’s an explanation for this

Dr. Darling: It’s a little weird to come home from work and find you pants-less in the kitchen taking pictures of a gin and tonic.

Shazzer: I’m in a hurry because the Titanic-shaped ice cubes are melting really fast.

Dr. Darling: That doesn’t explain what happened to your pants.

Shazzer: I had to whiz when I got home from the grocery store, and since I was planning to change anyway, it was just as easy to take them off as it was to pull them back up.

Dr. Darling: And you just forgot to put on another pair?

Shazzer: Well, I had to get the groceries unpacked and into the fridge.

Dr. Darling: It’s an interesting look, especially with the socks and the eye-patch. I take it you got a little sidetracked when you unpacked the tonic water?

Shazzer: Now you’re following! Can I make you a drink?

Dr. Darling: Yeah, I think I’m going to need one.

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