Jun 18 2010

Thank you, Post Denmark.

Shazzer: Honey, you know what Sunday is, right?

Dr. Darling: Yes, it’s the 8th anniversary of your move to Sweden.

Shazz: It’s OUR 8th anniversary, Sweetie. Which means we survived the seven-year-itch.

Dr. Darling: The seven-year-itch?

Shazzer: The 7th year is supposedly the most difficult one of a long-term, co-habitant relationship, after the first one. If you were going to bolt, you would have done it this year.

Dr. Darling: So that means I’ve still got one day left?

Shazzer: Yep. Too bad you have to work tomorrow.

Dr. Darling: Damn.


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  1. mstibbs

    Congratulations to you both! It’s apparent that you belong together.

    1. Shazzer

      Thanks, Ms. Tibbs! I’ve always felt we were awfully well-suited to each other. It’s nice to know others can see it as well. ;^)

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