Jun 19 2010

Is it wrong to do laundry on Royal Wedding Weekend?

I'm beginning to wonder if I perhaps committed some kind of serious Swedish faux pas by washing clothes this morning.

We've recently adopted a new schedule for this particular chore, with me taking care of it on the Saturdays that Dr. Darling works and her handling it on her alternating Mondays off. Today it was my turn, and I got a very early start thanks to the combined annoyances of the Swede's alarm clock going off slightly before 5:00 a.m. and the screeching seagulls outside our bedroom window.

The laundry room closest to our apartment happens to be the most popular of the three in our building because it has the newest machines, and consequently it's ALWAYS fully booked on weekends.  Competition is so fierce that Dr. Darling and I have even occasionally had to resort to some stealth strategies in order to secure laundry time on Sunday mornings.

Which is why I found it really odd that both the slot directly after mine (12-5) and the evening time (5-10) were open. Even more surprising, both the 7-12 and 12-5 slots are available tomorrow. This is pretty much unprecedented. It's not a holiday weekend and the weather isn't even particularly nice, either one of which might have contributed to reduced demand.

The only thing I can come up with for why the preferred laundry room in our fairly good-sized building is free all weekend long is that it must be poor form to wash clothes on the Swedish Crown Princess's Wedding Day.

Victoria and Daniel of Sweden
This sign was part of the decorations outside our local shopping center in downtown Malmö today.

I am, however, fairly certain that Victoria and the newly designated Prince Daniel are generally in favor of clean underwear.

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