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Jul 30 2010

Isn’t iPhone envy supposed to subside once you have an iPhone?

Regular readers of the blog know I'm a long-time Mac Fan, but I've only been an iPhone owner for a year. There were a variety of reasons for why I waited until the 3GS model to get on the Jesus Phone Train, but once I boarded it I promptly forgot what it was like to …

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Jul 28 2010

I’m pretty sure this outfit is underwear-optional

I LOVE it when Angelina has a movie to promote, because then posting pictures of her does not seem quite so gratuitous. I'm pretty sure this was taken at the "Salt" premier in Japan…but does it matter, really?

Jul 26 2010

Sweden’s schizophrenic summer weather

After nearly three weeks of baking us to a golden brown, Mother Nature pulled the plug on the heat this weekend, catching lots of folks, including us, unprepared. We spent Saturday at Skånes Djurpark (a nice-sized Nordic animal park i central Skåne) with our gorgeous 14-month-old Goddaughter and her parents. Dr. Darling had checked the …

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Jul 22 2010

This looks like WAY too much fun

Yesterday as I was walking home from the train station, I came upon a group of people zipping around Drottningtorget on Segways.   I had seen a flock of Segways on the streets on Malmö once before but assumed it was some kind of specially arranged corporate event…possibly for a company that sells the things. …

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Jul 20 2010

Sometimes Sweden still surprises me

Here in Vikingland, July is sometimes referred to as "rötmånad", which literally means "rotting month." Tradition has it that it's so-named because perishable food goes bad more quickly in the warmer temperatures. (And boy have they been warm lately.) But many immigrants and visitors to Sweden might think it refers to what happens to people …

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Jul 17 2010

Variety is a spicy imagination

Shazzer:  Wanna walk home via a different route? Dr. Darling: Sure. I know how much you value variety. Shazzer: That’s very true.  Dr. Darling: In fact, it’s kind of surprising you’re still with me after all these years. Shazzer: Don’t worry Sweetie. The sex we have in my mind involves a LOT of variety. Related …

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Jul 15 2010

Time for another gratuitous Angelina shot

This scan from Angelina Jolie's recent Vanity Fair spread is part of a series of investigative articles on one of my favorite blogs, Jezebel, where they are trying to figure out what the new tattoo reads on her inner-thigh. I have no opinion because at this point, my eye hasn't made it down that far. 

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