Jul 10 2010

How many trees did your birthday present kill?

Since Dr. Darling and I were out-of-town for both our birthdays (the Swede’s fell during our Midsommer Weekend trip to Norrköping and mine was July 4 when we were attending a real American Independence Day BBQ in Kristianstad), we didn’t get around to opening our gifts to each other until today.

Now at this point, neither present was much of a surprise…especially when you consider that we *technically* each bought our own gift, with the advice and consent of the giver, of course. (It’s just easier that way and insures that you get something you really want or need.) So, having admitted that, I got my favorite amateur photographer a mini-tripod and a lens filter, while the Swede got her favorite web junkie a universal mini-mouse. (There was a “mini” theme this year, evidently.)

So we busted into them today and put them to use them right away. Dr. Darling was especially keen to putter around with the mini tri-pod, which folds up so compactly that it can be taken pretty much anywhere. But oddly, there were no instructions included in the box. Granted, a tri-pod is not a particularly complicated piece of gear, but given the size and specs of this one, you’d think there would at least be a drawing so you know you got all the parts came along with it.

mini-tripodcompact mouse

Contrast that with the 90-page NOVEL ( am NOT exaggerating) that came with my compact universal mouse (which works with both my MacBook and ELIZA the Samsung Mini-Laptop).

Okay, so it was the same information in 7 different languages, but still … how many pages of instructions are required to say “plug this into a USB port on your computer“?

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