Jul 13 2010

My Long Naked Weekend

The unusually hot temperatures have prompted a few adjustments to usual routines at the Penthouse Nordic. For one thing…starting Saturday night…I joined Dr. Darling in sleeping nekkid. Although the Swede swears by it, I've never been able to sleep nude except by accident, if you know what I mean.

Then on Sunday morning we made a beeline for Malmö's Kallbadhus for some skinny-dipping and lounging in the Great Outdoors au naturel. (Does it actually qualify as "skinny-dipping" if everybody else is buckers, too?) The water was glorious and breeze was cooling, so we ended up staying through mid-afternoon, which meant fetching lunch from the cafe. (Yes, I did put on clothes for that…but only briefly!) I'd never eaten lunch naked before and made sure to point out the obvious advantages for Dr. Darling, who cannot seem to get through any kind of meal without staining a shirt.

Once we got home, the temperature in the apartment made it pointless to get dressed after showering. The fact that we were both slightly sunburned despite of taking a multitude of precautions at the bathhouse did not help keep us any cooler. (Let's face it, there were parts of our bodies that had not seen an sunlight since LAST summer.) We watched Spain win the World Cup wearing our birthday suits…by then I was so comfortable with the situation that I answered a Skype video call with my brother in the US during the 2nd half without even thinking about it. (Fortunately for him my video camera is not set to activate automatically!) Oh, and FYI:vuvuzelas are just as annoying when you're naked as they are when you're fully dressed.

I took Monday as a vacation day since the Swede was off work and Post Denmark recently decreed that her taking an August holiday was out of the question, but we spent most of it catching up on all the chores we had ignored over the weekend. We limited ourselves to tasks that could be done in cool locations (the basement laundry room and the air-conditioned grocery store), and yes, I dressed temporarily for both. But other than that, I was pretty much in the buff until it was time to get dressed for work this morning.

We seem to be getting a bit of a reprieve from the heat today, at least if Landskrona (the city where I work) is any indication. It's been cloudy and/or raining off an on most of the day here and that's kept the temperature tamped down somewhat. Of course the situation may be very different in Malmö (31 minutes south of here by train). I've learned that living on a coast tends to amplify the unpredictability of meteorology.

If the temperature warrants it, I'm totally prepared to strip down for the duration of this evening, too. And make a few Skype video calls to strangers with the camera activated. Oh wait a minute…that would be ChatRoulette!

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